the main idea about peoms I read

booksBranch Library

What I thought this poem was about was the boy loved the Library very much. I was there so much he called it his nest in bird terms. The boy also liked to read he called the books his babies. That is what I thought of the poem by Edward Hirsch. I thought it was really good I liked how he put the charterers in a birds life of or perspective.

Weighing In

I think weighing in means to stay or to help and not to change in to different person. By Rhina Espaillat

Some Words Inside of Words

I think the title Some Words Inside of Words means there will always be another opening in life. It could be bad of good. By Richard Wilbur

Night on Planet Earth

I think the free verse helps the poet because she expresses the thing she is talking about more.


I think the mater talked slowly. The connections we have is that some one once broke my heart and then left me.

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