Polar Bear

cuteThe interesting things about Polar Bears they are very large animals there is nothing that would ever want to kill it. Well actually probably lots of seals want to kill the polar bear but they are just to small. And I think that all animals are a scared of the large animal. In this essay you well be so smart about one thing and that is the Polar Bear.

Polar Bear live in the Arctic circle and adjacent land masses as far south as new found land island.They are found in the perimeter of polar ice pack. Rare in the North it is of 88 degrasi. They of course live in a cold area. They are Polar Bears.

No it is time for some interesting things about the Polar Bear. There common name is Polar Bear and their Scientific name is Ursus Maritimus. Their related to or family is the Brown Bear and the Grizzly Polar Bear hyrids. They love to eat seals. It is mostly easy to catch and sneak up on for polar bears.The adult Polar bear can get up to 770-1,500 lb and get up to 1.8-2.4 meters tall. Some descriptive traits are that they have 42 teeth. They also the bear is fully white. second they are the largest carnivores. Third they are of almost dimorphic of mammals. Their legs are stocky and their ears and tail are small. They have a long skull and a long noes. There feet are very large to walk on the ice with.Did you know out of all 19 recognized Polar Bear 8 are declining and 3 are stable 1 increasing and 7 insufficient.A polar bear is often regarded as a marine mammal because it spends many months of the year at sea. . They are very good swimmers they need to know how to swim because they have to find their food.They can detect seals 1 mile away with there noes. They can live up to 20 to 30 years long. They do not have a enemy in animals but they do have one and that is humans. We are melting their glacier. The place they live in their home. There are in ENDANGERED animals. We can help that by not using our heaters and air conditioning. If your could put on my clothes. If your hot take off colthes.

Earth Day

loveearth dayeSo earth day is very important. Earth day is a globally celebrated holiday. Already in 1962 the planet  was at risk. This was cased by all of the pollution by cars and gas. Why don’t we have respect for our planet or for the world that we live in. Gallard Nelson announced the earth day concept at the conference in Seattle. In the year 1969 he wanted the entire nation to get involved in Earth Day. Since 1970 Earth Day celebrations have grown. In 1990 Earth Day went global wit 200 million in over 140 nations participation’s. 

 Some things I will do to help the earth is that I will do my best to convince my parents to get a recycle been or even to recycle alum. I will also pick up trash walk home or take the bus from now on and not spread pontoon around are beautiful planet that is at risk. I mean why do we treat are helpless plants with mean behavior like everyone is saying their going to do all of these thing but that does not mean that they will do and do what said like I am going to ride my bike. Like I understand that you can not do it all the time but if you say you are going to do it and never do it why did you say that you would have done it.  So I will do my best  to help out the plant now I will not do it twenty four seven but I will do it the most I can. So some things I will do to help the planet is to take out the plugs out of the out lets. I will also turn off the lights and do my best to use the daylight. Also I will pick up trash. Also I will use the front and back off paper. Now I am Saying  I will not just do it on earth day but every day because really earth day is every day because if earth was not here you would not be here. So really you are taking over something that does not belong to you like the earth. Just remember pick up a piece of trash and recycle.

I Love Band


I love Band because it is so much fun. I am also pretty good at it. The instrument I play is called the flute it is pretty. I sometimes get stuck with all the bottens and it can be pretty confusing your first few times playing the flute. Sometimes when I play the flute I make up my own Jaime It is pretty awesome I just had say that BAND KIDS ROCK. So are you a band kid if o think about it. My favorite thing about band is that I enjoy hanging out with my friends in band class. I taught my self how to play the flute just by a flute well then I guess that would mean that I did not teach myself the book taught me. So that is why I love Band

The Titanic

titanicfall“I will miss you hunny.” My husband said that to me right before I got on the life boat. I didn’t want to leave him we were going to have a child together. We loved each other to much we could not stand to be away from each other for more then one hour. We loved each other very much.

I here the three bells ringing from the boats captain. Witch meant that something dead ahead. Me and my husband just kept eating and enjoying are meal. We could not and did not believe that the people or the boat could actually be in danger. After all of those notes and all of those things on the newspaper. The newspaper said “that the new boat was the biggest boat ever made also that was the fastest boat and that it was the safest boat that it could never sink. I just could not believe after all that talk the boat might actually be going down.

Some people started to go on the top deck. To load up on the life boats. Me and my husband stared to worry. We took the last drink. Then we thought we just might go see what the big deal is about. There was only was only like 20 people on the deck. Some were already loaded up on the life boats they were only half full to. It was crazy because if it is a big deal they would not be sending half full life boats.

I walked to the end of the titanic I saw a little piece of ice. I thought really that is what the big deal is.” Then all the sudden a big piece of the boat was scraped off of the bottom of the boat it was three hundred feet long. But the air tit rooms, water could never get through those rooms.

Then the water began to go through the rooms. I began to freak out so much. Everyone said that is would never be able to sink. I was so scared. I thought all of this money I spent and I might only be able to live for a few more hours. I have only been on this ship for five days.

The boat began to tip the way it was not suppose to. Peoples drinks were prodded into their laps running there pretty dresses and black and white tuxedos. People began to scream they stared to run up to the top deck I was pushed and screamed at. Before I new  it I was lifted up and put on a life boat. I could not see my husband. I jumped out and then found him and he put me back in the boat I did not want to leave him I loved him way. to much.

When I was put in the water with the  life boat the titanic tipped up and flipped over. Many people came to our boat but not my husband. We pushed the others off  we did not won’t  the life boat to be flipped over. We soon paddled far away from the boat so we would not be takendone with the titanic. We did  not want to also die are self then all those men that lifted me up on put me on the boat would have done that work for nothing. Just kidding I would have rather died with my husband I did not wan to leave him. He had to still had be out there some where.

Komodo Dragon

komoda dragon

I was enjoying the juicy skin and ribs of this creature back. I only like the stomach or back first. Then I let the creature bleed to death. Then I have a yummy snack. I don’t enjoy the disgusting red colored liquid.
I was sneaking up on this delicious looking meal. I was walking behind tree’s and big green leafs. I was waiting for my meal to stop or to be alone. I was trying to be polite to other creatures. But if they don’t hurry up they well have to be a meal or out run me. I mean it took me three days of swinging my tong back in forth smelling or tasting that creature. No matter what I will get that creature and will make it surfer. Lucky for his friends he stopped and they began to go farther. I began to get closer and closer. Then all the Sudan I jump behind the big green leaf and I here “hey Ted we should start to head home it is getting late and is going to dark soon.”
“Ok” ted replied
No No! I will not wait another day for this meal.
Before you know it I was right there behind him. The creature turned around and screamed and yelled for help, but he was to late one of the friends had already walked too far to here. And the other one saw and ran while screaming his voice out with his hands waving back in forth. I looked up to make sure I was not going to be attacked as well. I looked down and he just kidded me in the eye, owwww. He was punching me with his bloody fist from hitting me so hard. After that painful things and before I was going to be attacked I took a big bite out of his back. The loud screaming stopped he was choking back the last words of his life he began to cry. And eventually the kid’s red liquid was out of his body. The forest was completely silent not even one sound. Like everyone or everything had saw and ran or died.
Finally this meal died. It felt like this meal was never going to be ready. It needed to hurry up. Soon the other Komodo Dragons well pick up the sent if this creature with their long tongs. They will want or take the food that I spent to long trying to hunt. We Komodo Dragons do not work well together.
I took A big bit of his head well actually I ate the whole head in one bit. I ate the upper part of the body and then finished it off. And then I began hunting again.

Book Report

happy bday malloryThe book I just completed was Happy Birthday Mallory by Laurie Friedman. This book made me feel happy and cute. When I was in a bad mood I would get this book ans turn that frown upside down.

This book is mostly about the main character of this book. The main character is Mallory, Mallory is going through the month of her birthday she is turning nine. In the beginning nothing was going the way she want it to. At the end well you will have to figure is out for yourself.

This book has 156 page. I would rate this book a four out of ten. I would recomened this book to the kids that like amusment. My favorite part in the book is when Mallory is getting a class party and her dad forgets to stop and get some cupcakes and that is so funny.

The Thing I am Most Scared of

snakeI was planting a seed in my friends garden. I was adding a little water and patting the soil down. I was proud of myself because I am helping the earth by planting tree. Then all the sudden I here hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssing sounds I was so scared that I thought is was is was close I jumped up stepped on it head and ran out of the yard. I was so scared I screamed so loud the other side of the world could here me. I looked over the deck and there was a big huge giant large snake. It was green so of course it blended in to the  grass.  was not so happy with me because I was going do fast I stepped in his head. He was hissing his head of. No really his head was falling off I must have been really sacred to make a head come off. Now just thinking about it freaks me out I killed a sneak ahhhhhhhhhh.  He was so made it made his head pop off  is what, I like to think that but we no the truth.